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Corporate Spokesperson: George Torok
George Torok is a professional corporate spokesperson based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Burlington is nestled in the GTA between Toronto and Hamilton.
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Who is your best corporate spokesperson?
Your company CEO or president should be your first choice for corporate spokesperson. Why? Because the position and authority as company leader builds the credibility as the corporate spokesperson for your business.

Why might your CEO not be a good corporate spokesperson?
Not every CEO is a celebrity CEO like Lee Iacocca of Chrysler, Jack Welch of GE or Richard Branson of Virgin.

Lee Iacocca, corporate spokesperson for Chrysler       Jack Welch, corporate spokesperson for GE       Richard Branson, corporate spokesperson for Virgin

Public Speaking Skills
Your CEO might not speak well in public - especially on radio or TV. Remember Jacques Nasser, a past CEO of Ford? When Ford SUVs were flipping over because of the tire problems Jacques Nasser appeared on TV to calm the public. Instead he came across as cold, uncomfortable and unconvincing. He was a disaster as the corporate spokesperson. He was let go soon after his TV appearance and a “Ford” was put in charge of the company again.

Time and Interest
Some presidents and CEOs are just not interested in the public attention as corporate spokesperson. They don’t have the interest or time to speak to the public. They prefer to run the business without the hassle of talking to the public or dealing with the media.

Some corporate leaders also recognize the danger in exposing themselves as corporate spokesperson. The public is fickle. The more celebrity status you gain the more the public will celebrate your fall. The media and the public might love you today and vilify you tomorrow. You might have family and privacy to consider.

Your second choice for corporate spokesperson might be a vice president or communications director. If he or she is personable, a master communicator, works well with the media and can speak in sound bites – go with him or her.

Your third choice for corporate spokesperson is a celebrity like Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Maria Sharapova or Lance Armstrong. If you can afford that kind of money – go for it. But - buyer beware! There are a few dangers in working with celebrities. One is the demands of their regular business, their egos and corresponding mercurial temperaments. And the public opinion of them can change overnight. Consider the tides of opinion for Britney Spears, OJ Simpson and Janet Jackson.

So who else should you consider as your corporate spokesperson?

George Torok might be the right corporate spokesperson for you.

Corporate spokesperson, George Torok       Corporate spokesperson, George Torok       Corporate spokesperson, George Torok

Why might George Torok be right as your corporate spokesperson?

George Torok has the skills, experience and perspective to be an effective corporate spokesperson for you. He speaks well, understands perspective, has worked with hundreds of business leaders and is not wrapped up in his own ego. He knows how to speak and he knows how to listen.

What else does George Torok bring to his role as your corporate spokesperson?

George Torok is Media SavvyMedia Savvy
He works well with the media and can speak in sound bites. As host of the weekly radio show, Business in Motion, for over 11 years he has interviewed over 400 business leaders including guests from the media. He has appeared on countless other radio and TV programs. He has been interviewed for the print media and published hundreds of articles in various publications.

Marketing Expert
George Torok is co-author of the bestselling book, Secrets of Power Marketing. He has published over 300 business articles and worked with small, medium and large corporations to help them with their marketing. He understands the important role of corporate spokesperson in your marketing.

Communication and Presentation Specialist
As the “Speech Coach for Executives”, George Torok has coached corporate executives on how to deliver million-dollar deal-winning presentations. He has trained thousands of managers, sales reps and business professionals on how to present their messages more effectively.

Business Presentation Experience
George Torok has delivered hundreds of management and executive presentations during his corporate career and over 1,000 professional presentations. Plus he has spoken to - and on behalf of - many community and charity groups.

Presenting a Good Face and Voice
George Torok looks good on TV, sounds good on radio and can focus attention on the message for all forms of media. He is also bold enough to challenge yet savvy enough to avoid stupid outbursts.

George Torok is flexible to meet your needsFlexible Working Arrangements
You can arrange for George Torok to be your corporate spokesperson on call or pre-arrange a scheduled number of events and appearances.

George Torok has seen life from many different perspectives and brings that quality to his public speaking. He worked more than 20 years in corporate management in several industries as diverse as automotive, hospitality, banking, manufacturing, entertainment, transportation and government. He also served in leadership roles with several associations and community groups. He has traveled around the world visiting over 20 countries on five continents.

George Torok has the credibility of a business expert, bestselling author and journalist. He has the experience of both a corporate manager and entrepreneur. He is not tainted by celebrity status yet still has established credibility and some name recognition.

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George Torok can be your corporate spokesperson.
Corporate Spokesperson. A spokesperson for your corporate needs. A polished, credible and experienced spokesperson for your corporate messages.

George Torok is a professional corporate spokesperson based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Burlington is nestled in the GTA between Toronto and Hamilton.
Call George Torok at 905-335-1997